Geometry, Graphics & Animation

Woman with electronic tracking

Faculty involved in geometry, graphics, and animation focus on research and education in several aspects of visual computing that deal with the creation, modeling, animation, control, simulation, transmission, and visualization of interactive graphical models. Among other activities, we host the NSF Aquatic Propulsion Lab (APL), which focuses on techniques for creating and evaluating computer models of swimming patterns.

Faculty with primary affiliation in this area include Karen Liu, Jarek Rossignac, and Greg Turk.

Dr. Karen Liu's research interests are in computer graphics and animation, including physics-based animation, character animation, numerical methods, robotics, and computational biomechanics. Dr. Liu develops computational models of human motion and applies them to build tools that help scientists, engineers, and artists to model, simulate, and design natural human motion. Her research draws equally from principles of biomechanics and physics, optimization and control theory, and machine learning from motion data to develop motion models and algorithms for synthesizing natural motion.

Dr. Jarek Rossignac's research spans a broad range of interest, including shape segmentation and analysis, interactive shape and animation design, solid modeling, geometric compression, GPU acceleration, morphing, and fluid simulation. Its applications range from shape statistics and blending in CAD/CAM, through morphing and feature animation automation in entertainment, to image segmentation and heart and foot surgery planning in medicine. Dr. Rossignac teaches computer graphics at the graduate and undergraduate level and Complexity Techniques in Graphics, Modeling, and Animation. He is a member of GVU and directs the MAGIC lab. He is a Fellow of Eurographics and the Technical Papers Co-chair for SMI’2010.

Dr. Greg Turk's research interests include computer graphics, scientific visualization, computer vision, and simulation for biology. He was the ACM SIGGRAPH 2008 Technical Papers Chair.

Coordinator: Jarek Rossignac