Data Engineering and Science

New Deep Learning Approach is Improving Access to Sleep Diagnostic Testing

CSE Associate Professor Jimeng Sun and Ph.D. student Siddharth Biswal are part of a research team with Massachusetts General Hospital that have created a deep learning algorithm to perform sleep diagnostic testing.

Data Science Expert Jeannette Wing Delivers Mary Jean Harrold Memorial Distinguished Lecture

he Columbia University computer science professor delivered the Mary Jean Harrold Memorial Distinguished Lecture on Dec. 7.

17th Graph500 List Announced, The Top Machines for Running Data Applications Remain Steadfast Several Years Running

The 17th Graph500 list — which ranks supercomputers based on how quickly they can build knowledge from massive-scale data sets — was released Nov. 13.

Georgia Tech Superheroes of Supercomputing Make a Powerful Debut at SC’18

A new trading card series of superheroes represents Georgia Tech's latest high-performance computing research at the Supercomputing Conference series.


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