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Georgia Tech College of Computing Researchers Earn Mozilla Grants

Georgia Tech College of Computing Researchers Munmun de Choudhury and David Joyner Earn Mozilla Grants

Georgia Tech Researchers and Community Collaborate in Data Science

Georgia Tech researchers worked with the local westside community on data science.

App Developed by College of Computing Undergrads is a One-Stop Shop to Report Human Trafficking

The app was developed in tandem with Airline Ambassadors International and is available to airline professionals trained in identifying trafficking.

Georgia Tech Solves 'Texture Fill' Problem with Machine Learning

A new technique allows users to spread textures across sketches of objects to create high resolution images.

Aneeq Zia Awarded IPCAI 2018 Young Investigator Travel Award

Georgia Tech Ph.D. student wins award at an international conference in Berlin, Germany.

School of CSE Chair David Bader Presents Keynote at PASC’18

David Bader is presenting at PASC'18 on massive-scale analytics applied to real world problems.

Georgia Tech Presenting 13 Papers at Premier Computer Vision Conference CVPR

More than 10 faculty members and many more students will be present at the five-day event in Salt Lake City.

Marissa Gonzales Using Own Educational Experience as Inspiration for Research

A challenging educational experience as a teen has helped inform and drive Gonzales' current research in online educational environments.

Georgia Tech Teams up with Intel to Protect Artificial Intelligence from Malicious Attacks Using SHIELD

A team of Georgia Tech researchers has developed a fast and practical way to protect artificial intelligence (AI) systems – such as those used in self-driving cars – from malicious attacks on image recognition software that could lead to such a disastrous


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