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Georgia Tech Research Into Cuban 'Offline Internet' Could Inform Future Definitions of Connectivity

El Paquete Semanal -- "the Weekly Package" -- is an offline method of delivering digital content to communities in Havana, Cuba.

CSE Ph.D. Students Claim Three Prestigious Fellowships

CSE Ph.D. Students, Shang-Tse Chen, Fred Hohman, and Minsuk (Brian) Kahng, received fellowships from IBM, NASA, and Google.

ACM Working Group Argues For Change to Peer Review Process to Mitigate Negative "Side Effects" to Computing

Assistant Professor Lauren Wilcox assisted the ACM Future of Computing Academy on a blog arguing for changes to the peer review process.

Bust a Move: IC Ph.D. Student Caitlyn Seim Tests Passive Haptic Learning for Dance at Get a Move On Hackathon

Most of what Caitlyn Seim and Starner have worked on in the past was focused on upper-body learning – teaching piano, Braille, making you faster at typing – but in this case, she wanted to focus on dance.

From the Earth to the Cloud: Felix J. Herrmann has a Vision for Interdisciplinary Research at Georgia Tech

Joint Professor Felix Herrmann discusses the interdisciplinary aspect of his professional interests and what he envisions for the future of Georgia Tech research.

Herrmann Named SEG Distinguished Lecturer

EAS Professor Felix Herrmann has been named as a 2019 Distinguished Lecturer for the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) for the period covering January through June 2019.

IC's Cunningham Contributes to Best Paper Outlining Novel CS Program in California

CSin3 takes groups of students through an affordable three-year program that provides high levels of academic support and a clear bridge from one school to the next.

IC Assistant Professor Alex Endert Earns NSF CAREER Award

The award will total $493,000 paid out over five years and builds on Endert’s prior work on tools that make data science more accessible to people without formal data science training.


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