Passing the Torch: Georgia Tech Roboticists Lead Future Generation of Women in the Field

Ph.D. Student De'Aira Bryant uses the leadership of adviser Ayanna Howard to help guide her and future generations of women in robotics.

Changing the Conversation: Georgia Tech Researchers Provide New Approach to Automated Story Generation

Research from Georgia Tech’s School of Interactive Computing provides a novel approach that improves the combination of automated story generation with natural language.

Opportunities for Impact: Startup Zyrobotics Helped Ayanna Howard Reach More People

For the past six years, Zyrobotics has developed personalized technologies that stimulate social, cognitive, and motor skill development using fun and educational applications.

MURI Launches at Georgia Tech

More than 40 researchers gathered at Georgia Tech’s CODA building on August 22 to discuss these possibilities at the kick-off for a $6.25 million Department of Defense’s Multidisciplinary University Research Initiatives (MURI) grant to study the phenomena

'MacGyver'-like Robot Can Build Own Tools By Assessing Form, Function of Supplies

The breakthrough is a significant step toward enabling intelligent agents to devise more advanced tools that could prove useful in hazardous and potentially life-threatening environments.

With $1 Million on the Line Team Icarus to Compete in Finals of Drone Racing Competition

Georgia Tech's drone competition team, Team Icarus, will compete in the finals of the AlphaPilot Challenge this fall in the hopes of winning $1 million.

Robot Able to Instantly Identify Household Materials Using Near-Infrared Light

Robots aren’t yet household fixtures, but Georgia Tech researchers have already come up with a way domestic bots might recognize materials around the home.

IC Researchers Earn 2018 IJRR Paper of the Year for Impactful Robotics Research

With the award comes a $1,000 prize. Boots attended the Robotics: Science and Systems (RSS) conference in the Freiburg, Germany, this week, where he accepted the award on behalf of his team.

Georgia Tech Team Wins New Fetch Robot at ICRA's FetchIt! Mobile Manipulation Challenge

A team of Georgia Tech master’s and Ph.D. students, advised by Sonia Chernova, won the challenge by successfully assembling three kits with its robot in 39 minutes.


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