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Robot Gives Out Candy on Halloween

A robot gave out candy at the home of an assistant professor.

Creating the Next Code Composers

Teaching computer science to high school students requires creativity. A musical app called EarSketch proves to be the ideal learning instrument.

“Instant Replay” for Computer Systems Shows Cyber Attack Details

A new cybersecurity system provides investigators with an instant replay of attacks.

Army Grant Supports Development of Intelligent, Adaptive and Resilient Robot Teams

The U.S. Army Research Laboratory has awarded a $27 million grant to develop new methods of creating robot teams.

Tackling Cybersecurity: White Hats, Black Hats, Grey Matter

In the realm of cybersecurity, white hats are good-guy defenders and black hats are the adversary. Yet it takes a combination of both to really put grey matter to work and solve the most vexing challenge of our time: protecting connected data.

New Research May Improve Communications During Natural Disasters

New research from Georgia Tech Research demonstrates the ability to gather and share data during natural disasters during internet outages.

Researchers Use Eclipse Data to Create Musical Composition

Composition uses sounds to symbolize the movements of the sun and moon and the gradual darkness they will produce during Monday's eclipse.

Climbing Stairs Just Got Easier with Energy-Recycling Steps

Energy-recycling stairs developed to store a user’s energy during descent and return energy to the climber during ascent.

Social Media Study Identifies Mental Health Culture at Top-Ranked Campuses

Using social media, researchers create a mental health index for country's top-ranked colleges.


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