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Social Media Study Identifies Mental Health Culture at Top-Ranked Campuses

Using social media, researchers create a mental health index for country's top-ranked colleges.

New Georgia Tech Research May Help Combat Abusive Online Comments

Researchers at Georgia Tech have found a more cost-effective way for internet communities to moderate abusive content.

Interactive Visualization Illustrates Uncertainty of NFL Draft

An interactive visualization created by the Information Interfaces Research Groups shows just how few draftees make it long-term in the NFL.

Likelihood of Dieting Success Lies Within Your Tweets

Georgia Tech researchers have determined that attitudes expressed on social media can predict dieting success.

Finding Credibility Clues on Twitter

Words of millions of people on social media have considerable information about an event’s credibility

New Techniques Allow Greater Control of Smartwatches

College of Computing researchers control smartwatches with breaths and taps.

Musical Table Teaches Basics of Computer Programming

A musical, interactive tabletop teaches the basics of computer coding.

Social Media Could Take Only a Fraction of Users’ Time With New Georgia Tech Method

A new visualization technique from the Georgia Institute of Technology could help users end the time-consuming habit of continually checking social media streams and endless updates.

White House Highlights Georgia Tech-Created Computer Science Teaching Tool

The White House highlights EarSketch, a Georgia Tech project that teaches coding to diverse audiences through music.


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