Join a Study to Track Your Child's Growth Using Interactive E-Book Tablet App

Interactive E-Book

Do you want to understand your child's development? Researchers in the School of Interactive Computing and Institute for People and Technology have an app for that.

Senior Research Scientist Rosa Arriaga and a team of researchers have developed an interactive e-Book tablet application that will track the development of children between the ages of 2-5 years old.

Interested parties can download the application to their tablet at home, and parents can use it to track their child's physical, emotional, and cognitive growth. Parents who decide to enroll in the study will be asked to provide feedback on the app so that improvements can be made to the next version.

If you are interested in taking part in the study, fill out this form. Contact Rosa Arriaga with questions about the study.

Arriaga's team previously developed a milestone tracker mobile app for iOS and Android devices. It is now live at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.