Second-Year Stefamikha Suwisar Takes Top Prize in IC T-Shirt Design Contest

IC T-Shirt Contest Winner

After a close vote via social media and a web-based survey, the School of Interactive Computing (IC) has identified its t-shirt design contest winner.

Second-year Industrial Design major Stefamikha Suwisar overcame three other finalists in a closely-contested vote for the victory. Her design, which features a lightbulb and brain combination at the center of a number of examples of computer science in use, demonstrated her idea of the intersection between human and machine.

“My design illustrates how ideas emerge from the brain to constantly fit the research opportunities within IC,” she said. “It depicts the eight threads for the future of computer science education in the United States: devices, info internetworks, intelligence, media, modelling and simulation, people, systems and architecture, and theory.”

Suwisar said that she has always been interested in art and science. Her major, Industrial Design, combines both. It doesn’t only focus on the appearance of a product, but also how it functions, is manufactured, and ultimately the value and experience it provides for users.

“In the future, I aspire to help people and ultimately make life better through my designs,” she said.

The other finalists for the contest were computational media undergraduate student John Britti, computer science undergraduate student Brian Cochran, and GVU Center research technologist Tim Trent.

The School appreciates all the fantastic submissions and the wonderful voter turnout. Stay tuned for information on how to procure a t-shirt after the finished product has been produced.


David Mitchell

Communications Officer