IC Student Brianna Tomlinson Earns Campus Life Scholarship

Brianna Tomlinson

School of Interactive Computing Ph.D. student Brianna Tomlinson was awarded the Campus Life Scholarship in recognition of her leadership, scholarship, and service to Georgia Tech. The scholarship provides $5,000 from Campus Services and offers a lunch to honor recipients on April 18.

Tomlinson is involved in the Graduate Women@CC group, helping to organize events. She has been involved in some capacity with the group since she came to Georgia Tech six years ago. The group is a collection of female graduate students who strive for professional success for their members. They meet once each month for coffee, where they discuss current projects they are working on, and also help to organize various workshops throughout the year.

“It’s great to hear that people think my impact on GradWomen has been a good one, and the work to keep it going has been useful for the greater campus community,” Tomlinson said. “I’m hoping that it will actually help others learn about GradWomen and encourage them to get involved.”

Tomlinson is working toward her Ph.D. in human-centered computing. Her current work is on evaluating effective methods for studying engagement, learning, and transfer for multimodal interactive systems. This includes collaboration on a grant to develop and evaluate accessible auditory displays for PhET Interactive Simulations, a non-profit open educational resource project at the University of Colorado that creates and hosts explorable explanations.

She is advised by Professor Bruce Walker, who is jointly appointed in the School of Interactive Computing and the School of Psychology.


David Mitchell

Communications Officer