Eating healthy is sometimes a challenge on its own, so technology should ease that burden – not increase it – according to new research from the Georgia Institute of Technology and University of Washington. Researchers studied how mobile-based food journals integrate into everyday life and specific challenges when using food journaling technology. Their research suggests how future designs might make it easier and more effective.

The future promises incredible technology that will transform the human body from the weak, failing, vulnerable meatbags we have now into beautiful, terrifying, unstoppable machines.

four-year study of adolescents’ use of technology shows that the average amount of time spent online daily by 10- to 14-year-olds jumped from 3.5 hours to more than eight during the study period of 2010-2013. Georgia Tech researchers say adolescents’ identities are being shaped through continuous online social activities – a phenomenon arising from the growth of mobile devices. The research also reveals that adolescents no longer distinguish between time online and offline, as well as how they deal with social pressure, identity, privacy and risky behavior online.

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