AI4GA Lays Groundwork for NSF-funded Nationwide K-12 AI Curriculum

Working on a multi-institutional team of investigators, Georgia Tech researchers have helped the state of Georgia become the epicenter for developing K-12 AI educational curriculum nationwide.

The new curriculum introduced by Artificial Intelligence for Georgia (AI4GA) has taught middle school students to use and understand AI. It’s also equipped middle school teachers to teach the foundations of AI.

AI4GA is a branch of a larger initiative, the Artificial Intelligence for K-12 (AI4K12). Funded by the National Science Foundation and led by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Florida, AI4K12 is developing national K-12 guidelines for AI education.

Bryan Cox, the Kapor research fellow in Georgia Tech’s Constellation Center for Equity in Computing, drove a transformative computer science education initiative when he worked at the Georgia Department of Education. Though he is no longer with the DOE, he persuaded the principal investigators of AI4K12 to use Georgia as their testing ground. He became a lead principal investigator for AI4GA.

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